Monday, March 24, 2008

This aint not fair...

Football… Football…Foot… ball… my Foot... your ball…

I was watching ManU vs. Liverpool the other day. It was a decent match, I’m not a big football person… so, I don’t care too much bout the players and all!

But anyway, something crept into my mind and it’s not good :) (as always!)

These guys playing in the EPL and other leagues are paid in millions!! And that too for doing something they simply loooovvvee! And I work my arse away for 9.5 hours a day sitting in front of a dumb comp, screwing up my health, and I won’t make even half of their money, even if I work for 10 years!! And I can never say I looovvveee what I do!

How unfair… but they play awesome football, which I can’t do!

So, I started thinking about the things that I could do… the list isn’t big… but it’s better than – kick balls around big time Period.

Ok, maybe some of these guys can do other things as well, but come on! I don’t think they can do anything that is lifesaving! (Not that anything I do saves life, but it doesn’t waste others’ lives!)

Look at these multi millionaires… they have changed the way things happen in the world! People come just to watch them play! Woohoo! Good job… but wtf! Paying them atrocious amounts of money for doing nothing?? That sucks! It’s ridiculous that the whole world is doing such stupid things! Why pay millions to some 'extremely' good player, when you can find reasonably good players for 10% that cost?! Off course the rookie may not be as good as Ronaldo or Gubaldo whoever… but at 10% the cost he’s more worthy… He would become as good as Ronaldo in a couple of months of proper training!

The various companies like Siemens, Samsung must stop sponsoring these people and pay people like us, who do the dirty coding and bug fixes, in millions! Without us, these companies won’t be able to cough up such huge sums of money, just for advertising!!

There’s one person who comes into my mind thinking about all this…

Dr. Devi Shetty. Every Single day this cardiac surgeon saves tens of lives! And he charges only those people who can pay! For the poorer ones needing medical attention, he waivers the surgery charges, arranges for monetary support and all, and he aint no millionaire! Don’t you think he should be paid in millions for the kind of job he is doing? Siemens, Vodafone, Samsung and all there ‘good for nothing’ companies must sponsor such people to do what they are doing! These are the ones who have sacrificed their lives for the betterment of humanity and society!

If you don’t know about an Open Heart Surgery, please do a Google search and read up! It’s really a big challenge to open up the ribs, expose the heart, use a machine instead of the heart and re-route all blood through this machine (which pumps blood when the heart is being operated) and then do the actual surgery, with utmost care, and then put back what ever was opened, and not forget any forceps inside! One hell of a procedure! And he does it again, and again, and again, and again…

Doctors are the ones who must be paid in millions… not footballers and other sportsmen!

And off course the techchies like me n u ;)

And… what good is football or other sport? Cricket? NBA? And Golf! Stupid stupid game! I don’t see any excitement in trying to hit a ball into holes in the least number of strokes! Whoever came up with that sport! And whoever called it a sport! There’s no running, no jumping, no kicking, no throwing, no excitement… the slightest “rush”, if u may say so, is when u hit a ball into a hole – LOSER! And these dudes are also earning more than they can spend! What a waste! So freaking unfair! Check out what wiki said about golf.

To hit the ball, the club is swung at the motionless ball wherever it has come to rest from a side stance. Many golf shots make the ball travel through the air (carry) and roll out for some more distance (roll).

Every shot is a compromise between length and precision, and long shots are often less precise than short ones. A longer shot may result in a better score if it helps reduce the total number of strokes for a given hole, but the benefit may be more than outweighed by additional strokes or penalties if a ball is lost, out of bounds, or comes to rest on difficult ground. Therefore, a skilled golfer must assess the quality of his or her shots in a particular situation in order to judge whether the possible benefits of aggressive play are worth the risks.

What crap! This doesn’t count as a sport… It’s stupid!

The only sport I would recommend is F1 :)

Why you will ask! And I do have answers...

First of all, all the cars that you people happily drive around are the way they are because of motor sports. Much of the improvements in your car, be it performance oriented or safety oriented, are due to motor sports. It’s this sport that truly is pushing technology to the limits… and being a F1 driver is no joke… its not like playing golf… anyone can play golf… but not anyone can become a F1 driver…

An F1 driver needs to be super fit… He loses 3-4 liters of water during a single race! And, he has to take split second decisions driving at average speeds of 220kmph. It’s not a joke!

As opposed to a golfer… stupid game – golf.

And the driver must know how the car works… so that he is able to give decent feedback to his race engineers. All F1 drivers must at least be given honorary bachelor degrees in automotive engineering! Again, its not justified these drivers are paid in millions… coz people like me are ready to drive everyday, just if these companies agree to fill our tummies and nothing else! So, for much lesser cost, they can do all the testing, albeit in two/three tries! Which is good enough coz with experience; we can become Michael Schumacher like. Oh and FYI Schumi donated 10 million US$ for Asian tsunami victims.

Bottom line – what I’m trying to say here is, people like us, are ruining our health by sitting in front of a computer and working our arses away to god knows where, for meager amounts of money. And sport “stars” are paid to have a fitness regime, wear Nike, drink coke, and play!! Ridiculous! We have to kiss arse with the managers to get out of work on time so that we can do a little bit of jogging, which will maintain out health and help the company in turn… - No one cares!


FYI - Christiano Ronaldo, one of the super well known footballers owns a couple of cars costing 100,000 bucks Plus... I bet he cant say whats head or tail of it... He just knows to drive.
I also bet not all sports persons can tell why a computer suddenly switched off... Is it the hardware? Is it the software? I bet loads of YOU won't know that either!

I'm not saying everyone must know everything... But, a mere footballer earns in millions, but a person like u n me, who statistically knows more than that sportler is earning around 500$ for a month of slogging-the-arse off