Thursday, December 20, 2007


my first concert :)
yes! the scorpions in bangalore, 16th december 2007!!

I knew Scorpions from the first time they came to bangalore... during 2000-2001... and that time i had not started listening to English music!! :) yes! all my English music gyan and following just started around that time!!

I had not listened to any of their songs!! and then, one day on Radio City (the old one, which rocked) Suresh Venkat played hurricane 2000... and gawd! was i spellbound!! the orchestra ruled!! never had i heard that high speed violins (untill i heard salaam bombay by Rahman) what a song Hurricane is!! u must listen to believe it!!
from that day on... i am listening to Scorpions... Hurricane, Lady Star light, Moment of Glory... and then my friend opened my ears to Holiday and Wind of Change! please please listen to these few songs at least ( though u r not a rock fan)! its worth ur time!!

and then... on that day, there i was... with Vijay Narendra of Blendzzz fame!
i was astonished when he told me that the Scorpions released their first album in 1972...
and that after that, every 2-3 years they have continuously released newer albums!!

It takes a lot to have a band, performing concerts, releasing newer albums, unlike many others who release a best of 80s album thingys!!

and i was immediately calculating... assuming the singer was 20 when he released his first album... its been 30 odd years now... and that means he must be 50 odd now!! Holy Jesus!!
The Scorpions are Veterans at the art of crowd entertainment! they know what the audience want! they know how to deliver too!!

the very thought that we were not even born, not until 10 years after the release of their first album, gave me chills!!

the wait was pretty agonizing! especially since we were inside the enclosure 2 hours before the start... and we had to simply wait!! with the HH Hunk's waste add coming over and over again...

but then... the opening act by Nervewreck was ok ok... they need to learn a lot more! waste bodys dont know that the crowd dont recognise them and that they must play a popular song, from a more famous band, at least for the opening act! but no... they played some song, which wasnt bad... but still... was pretty unheard and also lasted just too long... but then, they did try to clean up the spillt milk by starting off Metallica's Where ever I may Roam... but then, they added a little bitta the nervewrek shit and it was history...
they are a talented band no doubt... but they need to learn to woo the crowd!!

anyway! the wait was over! and there stood in front of me, Scorpions! not on a video, but fukin real ones!! i was waiting for that very moment!!
and when i heard the guitar... OMG! i cant even put those moments in words!!

Every song they played... so much energy!! its hard to imagine the amount of energy they had!
they jumped, kept runnin all around the stage... kicking air... dancing, offcourse doing their trade mark steps and offcourse singing! Klaus Meine, the lead singer, is simply mind blowing!!
the pitch he can reach will make most other singers shy! i'm sure Nervewrek had a real nervewrek watching the Scorpions perform! these buggers were almost standstill!! the only visible movement was the leadsinger/guitatrist moving his over grown hair outta his fukin face!!

Here I am... the song of all times!! Klaus sang Here I am... and all of us, from the crowd yelled Send me an Angel... the atmosphere is un-describable...

some of the super hi-fi songs that the scorpions put up included Zoo, Send me an Angel, 321, big city nights, humanity, tease me please me and so on!

and when they brought in the aucostic guitar... tears almost ran down my cheks!
"Here i ammm.... Send me an angel"!! that was just the start!!
"let me take u far away... you'd like a holiday!" Scorpio fellas, you are the best!!
I couldnt resist... so i called up my friend, panta, and made him listen... useless fellow! u missed the show ma!! i hope they come back again!! and soon!! so that we can go!! :)
and when the whistle started... i was mesmerized!! i couldnt help but yell "Taaaake me... to the maggeeek of the moment... on a glooory night.. Where the children of tomorrow... dream awaaay... in the wind of change..." oh my sweet lord!!

i also cant forget Big City Nights... Big City... Big city nights! Bangaloreee... Big city... big city nights... i still have that visual stored in my head!!

off course Humanity!! what an album that is!! at such age! after so many years of rock! they still have the same charm! the same touch! what i describe as awe-fukin-some!!

and then... they sang one more master piece from their new album... the song, i later got to know, is called 321... wow!! what a song!!

saaaaaave me...
coz the worlds gonna stop...
baby 3 2 1
are u ready to rock...

are u ready to rock, are you ready to rock, are you ready to rock,


simply superb!!

and then... they played Hurricane!! i almost broke down!!
me and vijay were looking at each other's awestruck faces for every song they played... with a wide smile... so much anxiety... we were 10 times more than ecstatic!! and then, boy tells "we're not gonna leave you... untill we rock you like a?"
oh brother! that time i knew... the time had come!! my heart skipped a beat...
then the guitars started... oh bajezus... and klaus... tran tran... Its early morning... the sun comes out... last night was shaking... and pretty loud... my cat is purring... and scratches my skin... so what is wrong with anaaaother sin? The bitch is hungry, she needs to tell... so give her inches and feed her well... more days to come new... places to go... Ive got to leave its... time for a shoooooww...

Here I am, rocked you like a hurricane
Here I am, rocked you like a hurricane

Oh my god!! i simply cant forget that night!! and that is when i decided, i'm going to every live concert that i have access to!!

Scorpions! My god!! i bow... no prostrate to them!!

and to know more, Klaus is a '48 born!! which means... he is... freakin almost 60 years old! and the energy he has! you HAVE to see the Scorpions live! atleast once in your freakin short ass life!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

long time no see...

Its been a real long time that i 'blogged' - still the word makes me wanna puke...

anyway... that outta the system... i was thinking of what to blog (yuk) about... i've been to lotsa places since my swiss trip... and everyone of which was just amazing! Pisa, Rome, Milan, AMSTERDAM! and few more! thought i'd write about that...
but thats for some other time... coz i need to get the pics in order...

so... now, lets talk about porn :) I see you scrolling down... sorry! there are no 'that kinda' pics here! u gotta go to the proper websites... if you want a list, let me know... i can help you...

but anyway... i was reading a post by incognito boy...
and then i thought... yeah! i've been there!! and to juice it up, i'm talkin bout porn :D

so here i'm in flash back mode... those days!! were real cool! :)

Disclaimer - Internet is one of the best sources of information... i owe my present state to internet... lotsa info that i have... many friends i've made -> the internet... how i stay in touch with my frnds and family from 5ive thousand miles away is only because of internet!
and i dont want to hear anyone say internet means porn. period... coz thats not true... porn is also kinda info... u kno... so... dont equate internet = porn... remember, porn > internet :)

it started after 10th std, in the year 2000 AD... i'd finished the exams and was getting ready to go to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair... and i needed to send receive mails! And i was new to using a computer! so i asked my neighbour to make an email ID for me...
he wanted my birthday as well! i was like... ow! cool... its like a passport or something! a freakin mailID!!
the next day, he told me it was done...
mailID - (with a unique name like this, i dont need to use numbers and all!)
password - i seriously dont remember!! i think it was something like venkat_85 or something...

back in those days, excitemail was free... just for curiosity, i did open, just now, and they've kicked me out i guess! :(

so... he was the one who used to check my mails and tell me... and i would tell him what to reply...

then one day i though i'd try it myself... it was the holidays... and I had nothing much to do really! so, i set out... with a friend of mine... Mr.Mohan... (guru... if you happen to read this, just leme kno u exist)
he used to sit next to me in school... it was with him that i "learnt" what an intercourse is... off course with the help of an oxford dictionary... and some quick wit! thats another amusing story... may narrate ASAP...

anyway... i took him over to an internet cafe... it was called Netizen :) and we had to pay about 30 bucks an hour, i guess... and then opened and keyed in my name and password, which i'd on a piece of paper... i'm not jason bourne!! rather, i was not :P

and i typed in my corespondent's mail id and the message and wola! i'd sent my first email!
we used to come almost daily... and my mom used to give me those 30 bucks... and then one day, the ingenious mohan came up with an idea... you guessed right... porn!! :)
i new they existed, but never knew how to go about... lets just say i didnt know the art of gettin pics of naked women on my computer screen!
and mr.hero told me there is a website jcbaba dot com... (thats what i heard)
i was sitting at the keyboard, as I'd paid for the internet... and then i typed and i got a "This Page can't be displayed" message!
and then he said it was desi baba dot com... and then it appeared... the verification page...
clicked on the "Click here if you are above 18" button (seriously i dont still know why they have that) and then opened the home page...
the first porn site i'd ever visited!
First time i saw the stuff... was awestruck!! :) you dont get to see a fukin nude woman every day! atleast i had not gotta see that everyday... untill that day :)
two freakin 10th std kids sittin in an internet cafe lookin at naked women, for the first time :) Internet... u fukin RULE!
we went straight to the actress section and were drooling over the numerous fakes pics of actresses... how many times i've visited that site after that, even god cant tell! :)
now i'm so damn good that i dont need to visit any website for seeing naked women... i can do it right in my head - anyone, anywhere, anytime ;) ,\,,/ its an art... not everyone can do it... or appreciate it :)
next year... i was in PUC... and there was a new chain of cyber cafes that opened near my place... and they had branches near my college as well... and as an intro they gave 30 minutes of browsing for free (jagga and suraj would remember the names of this offer as well!!)... haha... somebody gonna get a hurt real bad! how many aliases i've used i dont know! free internet porn!! YES PLEASE!! even today i'll be intrigued by that offer!! if you say ur not, you are lying... and thats a pho phuk lai! (damn! Russel Peters is the man!!)
i'd used so many aliases and had taken so many people to the free internet thing that those people could recognise me! so i was not allowed any more... and in two branches... gandhi bazar and rajajinagar... paapa!

that was long ago... and then i grew... and i knew how to use floppies... and then in the next level, i knew how to use Ctrl-Alt-Del... some cyber cafes used to have a program which would automatically log u out after the time u've paid for... unless u hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and disable that software... and then it was P.A.R.T.... Y? because it was unlimited browsing for price of 30 minutes!! - i miss this! now i cant simply Ctrl-Alt-Del my way around no more!

and, by reading all this, dont get me totally wrong! when i say browsing, i don't always mean porn!! many factors decides what i do on internet!
the place where the comp was situated in the cafe was a major concern... often i used to fight for a secure PC :) else, i used to goto collect pictures of cars, planes, super models (FYI also clothed ones) and many many things... i used to play online games... even now i have more than 10000 points at indiatimes contests... and i havent redeemed them points at all... and there was contests2win... i think this is still there...

you may ask, if i have ever been caught doing this... and the answer is NO... the only possibility of anyone finding out about this is after reading this blog! - now it doesn't really bother me if someone finds out ,\,,/
i used to take several measures while doing it at home... and i tell you internet explorer sucks... use mozilla! its damn easy to erase traces! :)

next question... do i do it now? - well... now i dont really go behind pics of nekkid wumen (unless they are exxxtremely hot, these ones deserve to be posters in my room), i have limewire and naughty america :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Die alpen... der Schweiz!

Mother of Gawd!!

zeroth... actung! this blog is not what u expect
first... Switzerland is helluva wonderful place!
second... BMW is one helluva car maker!
third... i'm tired!

This blog is being written in an incredibly small time! since i have internet only till tomorrow morning... and it is already 21:00 hrs!
I have just come back from a mindblowin trip to the Swiss! Just means just! i just arrived, few minutes ago... driving about 1300 kms in 4 days time... :)

so... lets get started!

day one...
the man... the machine... the autobahn... to swiss... wooo hooo!
day two...
snow for the first time!! freaking wasser everywhere, not a drop to drink... but loads to feel cold!
day three...
fighting for world domination...(read peace)
day four...
modeling on the alps...

i was apperhensive about the car that we had planned to take... it was a BMW compact class car... which simply means its the cheapest car we could get then... but son of a gun the BMW 1 series 1.2 liter mofo was one deadly piece of machinery!! i can actually write a blog about only that mofo! but... no time for that!

time to hit the road! direct to schaffhausen... this navig system was one sexy thing... it showed a 3D map with an arrow (our car) and the whole map rotating around as we turn... like in a computer game! awesome navig system it truely was... as it knew each gully in swiss!!

the autobahn!! damn! how the hell did the germans come up with that system of complex yet amazing set of roads!! only these SOBs can do such shit!
this time it wasnt new to me! i knew the wearabouts... i simply cant explain the thing... not now... i'm friggin tired... but... one thing for sure... u have to experience the autobahn to believe it! no where in the world will u have such an experience... not even in the autobahns that extend outta germany to swiss and france and neighbouring countries... the German autobahn is a thing to rekon with... when u enter it, u have a sense of freedom... and... and... u just feel free to accelerate... to speed up... to just go go go! its just too good! i have driven in the swiss and the french counterparts... but nothing is even close to the german autobahn! its the german precision!! :)

we entered the swiss territory... and the autobahn ended soon enough... and gave way to normal roads... it was another schwarzwald! but just that the places we went were kinda high altitude and we had to climb up and down the alps... the drive was splendid... and since now i knew where i could go faster and where i had to slow, i just hit the limits! its always awesome to rip through tight turns! it gives the churning effect in your stomach! :)
and when u click pics, it comes like this! :) as though one is driving with nitro in Most Wanted! ;)

it was in swiss that i saw a real river! Rhine... was ferocious! normally the rhine that i saw in germany-france border was very silent!

Swiss! the place! the magic! its a place one MUST visit in winter! when there is snow! its classy even otherwise ;) but... winter brings in snow... and most of us would've never seen snow! its damn sexy to walk on snow...
especially on jungfraujoch... the highest peak in europe... (mere 4k odd meters above sea level :P )
its still now winter there... but there was snow! for the first time in my life i'd walked on snow!
just water... frozen! no mud, rock whatever... just snow and ice and that all! miles and miles! every step u take makes a crackling noise... of ice breaking under ur weight! its like walking inside a freezer! ice everywhere! the temperature when we went wasnt as cold as in a freezer though! :P
it was 1 or 2 degrees... but a sexy experience!

oh! i also went to the UNO in geneva! :) promoting world peace ;) went into the room which we have seen a million times on TV... have a pic also... look :)

this trip was when i broke my record of fastest drive! i reached 220kmph!! yes!! infact, 180s and 190s and 200s were very very common during this trip! and the BMW felt sooooo soooo goood! i mean... its not everyday that a guy like me rides at that speeds! so i will keep talking about it... for the rest of my life! :) and i betcha ass u will too!

i'll quickly put some pics here n there... just chk eetz... i will try my best to upload some pics on picassa as well... just use my old link and search for more public albums that i've added... i dont have internet... and cant send links... havea-funa...
oh... i have a special message for ye all... i dont care what it means in other languages... but... guess its pretty plain... if u dont understand what i'm talking bout, i have encircled it...

oh! i also bought a swiss watch for myself :) not a rado or rolex or tissot or swatch... its swiss military! what a lame name for a watch! but... its made in swiss and looks cool :)

stop gaping at me... i know i know... remember, it was approx 0 degrees...
the watch i'm talkin bout... i'm wearin...

Friday, September 28, 2007

It all started with this... The Machine... A 4 Cylinder Audi A4... 2.0 Liter mofo pumping approx 200 bhp...

After playing Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed, I was into racing! and cars! Thats when I found out that Porsche is what my ultimate thing in life is! It may sound stupid, but hey! haven't you seen my first page? Look again, here is the link...

Then when I came to Germany, I realised, all the tracks in the game were actually real locations around Europe!! OMG! I so wanted to go to these places, and what better way to do so than on a Porsche! I knew we could rent cars, any make provided you cough up the required money! And a Porsche is worth the money you spend... Its the best there is!

And no matter how long you work, in what so ever position you work, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to by a Porsche in an entire lifetime... Because, a Porsche Carerra GT costs around a whoping 100000 Euros!

So... my funda was to rent a classy car and go to some place in Germany! But, life is not so simple! I was in Germany and had the money to do it... I was so close to realising my dream! That ultimate thing in life was coming to be a reality! And that too when I am just 22 years old!! It felt like I hit jackpot! But, no!!

One can't rent super car of a Porsche just like that!! Yeah! Else it would be too simple! And every mofo Tom, ba(bad ass) Dick and sob Harry would boast about driving a Porsche... So, now, I'm satisfied that when I get to ride a Porsche, I will deserve it!! :) so near yet so far... now, i will wanna drive it even more! i like this! i wanna wait and do it when i'm good for it!

But never the less, we rented the machine... It is a splendid car!!

And... we chose to go to Schwarzwald! That was a good decision! :)

It was an awesome trip...
Started at the Europe Car rentals...
I'd booked a car for the trip... and went to collect it... Boy gave us an A4 with navigation system after a 20 minute delay... When I had the key of an Audi in my hand, I couldn't help but smile! That thieve kinda smile!

And he told us to go to their garage and on the place no.44, the car would be there!

"oh! ok! thanks! Isn't anyone going to be there? just to tell us how to use the car?"
"You know how to drive right?"
"yes, Offcourse!"
"Then just go down and you will find the car!!
There will be no one there!"
"oh! ok! well... thanks again! and see you!"

and... there it was... the Audi A4... in the underground parking lot... which was a lot under! a coupla floors under for the trains and 'locals'... then a couple more for car parks etc!

We sat inside... and... my god! I was in a German car!! Took some time to figure out how the navigation system works, in English and then headed off towards our home. We didn't have a clue about the route back! just followed the Navig system! it was dark and we didn't even know where we were going! No glitches, we reached safe and sound... just a couple wrong turns... u know, coz i'm so used to left side driving! :)

the next morning...

started out trip... and had to get into the Autobahn! The mutter of all roads in the world! the name itself is sufficient! The only place in the world with no speed limits!! I played safe and stuck to some speed limits. 130kmph minimum! :) since it was my first time, i wanted no pain! So gently I entered... the Autobahn... and slowly eased the throttle... and the 2 liter diesel engine roared and accelerated off... from the 50kmph max limit on the entry lane to the 130kmph min speed Autobahn!
Slowly i engaged the clutch and changed to 3rd, 4th, 5th....
and 6th gears... ooh! oooh! oooooh!!
The anticipation... the acceleration... the sensation... it is unbelivable...
Though the first time, i wanted more!
First time is always fun... you find everything so new and pure and sexy! so i decided to just GO FOR IT...

so... i entered... this time, to the left lane, the fastest of em all... throttle going down... engine reving up... and the speedo read 130... 140.. 160... it was like a miracle... so gentle, yet so much! in just 5 minutes!

Then came... ... ... the time for the exit... from a 160 odd to 50kmph... the ABS continuously pumping them brakes to keep us stable and not slide off track under such inhuman braking... gentle? u bet!

This was the autobahn... and our trip was to the schwarzwald! it had just started!! we drive into the start of the black forest... and took a 250 km long circular route which goes through the wald... called Schwarzwald Bäderstraße... and then my dream started materializing... vast forests... and german homes here and there... and at some places beautiful fields and grasslands... cows! yes cows grazing in the fields... and lumber mills... everything picturistiqe!

then... i had an idea... why not go off road?! so... we headed off into the woods... on a non road... the ESP working hard to kick in enough traction to keep us on the slippery track! and in front of me... i had a dejavu... i've been here before! yes!! this place... ooh! so cool!!

thanks to the NFS 5 boys! a classy job they have done!! they mofoin RULE!

We continued the journey... now, back on road... so much of stuff to look at and i was on the steering wheel looking forward, lest i get into trouble! its my first time u see... and i only had little protection...
in the form of insurance... still i was liable for 500 euros of damage!

the track was twisty... and i was doing a 80kmph average... with top speeds reaching upto 140kmph at times... it was wonderful... every curve i hit, the tyres resisted with a screeching moan... and the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) worked harder... its always fun to push harder! you know it! you've wanted it!! I entered into tunnels and drove around cliffs... it reminded me of Corsica...

and then... on sunday, I entered into France... just across the border... it was like coming from malleshwaram to mariappan palya... just a bridge seperating the two countries... at this point, the navig system went blank! coz i only had a german CD!

but today was not first time! so, I knew my way around... and I headed on... on the banks of Rhine... on some highway... it was faast! 120kmph on small roads... and then slow down to 30kmph when u enter cities! and this was like Avurene! tight corners inside cities, in front of houses! NFS 5... aaaah! so sexy!

and driving through fields like pyrenes and normandie! wow! the entire NFS 5 coming into reality...

except for monte carlo and zone industriale... aah... greedy me!

and... then... time to get back to stuttgart! towards the Autobahn A5... the ultimate driving experience... its one of a kind! no where in the world can you get such class... such speed... such precision...

I hit the no max-speed-limit zone... and i had a wicked smile on my face and the throttle under my foot...

go baby go! it was vrooooom... 130s dissapeared to 140s... and 150s and... 160s! not like the first time, where i was unsure... here i was reckless... fuk protection... fuk everything...

lets just do it...

the adrenaline was there... more more! this aint nothing... back to 5th gear and the engine gave a warning roar... but the throttle put that down... more more... 160... 170... 180... comeon... lets just get to the climax...

i pressed harder... moving to top gear... and then... i had to brake to slow down as the guy in front was slow... :P
he moved out of my way... and then... it was game on... back to business...
140s... 150s... 160s...170s... 180s... it was in a jiffy... just a press of the throttle... there was that connection now... more space... 190s... and then... the climax... 200kmph... everything was flying by... cars, sign posts, boards, more cars, opposite traffic was just no match...
their 140kmph plus my 200kmph = 340kmph relative speed... just a whoosh... and... this wasnt the climax... there was more in reserve... a yellow ferrari... i knew it was a ferrari as i saw it approaching... opposite direction... fastest lane
(obvious)... and it was gone... i just saw it... thats all... not even for a fraction of a second... the sound waves never reached my ear... we were past that place at 200kmph and he... prolly at 250 or more! poor old sound waves...

this was the ultimate! and it was only on an AUDI A4!

i just cant wait to get into a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or a Porsche... only time will tell!
we drove an incredible 750kms from saturday to sunday...


Fuk! how many days had I thought of this shit! driving on the Autobahn, in Schwarzwald!
Isn't it this crazy dream that made me quit Wipro?
Coughing up 75grands for the bond!
Isn't it this crazy dream that made me join Robert Bosch, a German company...
Yes indeed!!

I thought I would be an uncle by the time I could do this... but no...
thanks to my Saggi characteristics... i'm here now... standing with my dream almost fulfilled...
and i'm only 22!! now i gotta sleep more! to dream more shit!!

Moral of the Story... enough reading this... go back and sleep! and dream! always!!

and... does this pic remind u of some game?? :P

no? dumbo! this one?

no?? even now?! che che! go and grab a computer!

chumma i'm wasting time making blogs n all!! ayye ayye!!

oh... i said it started with the machine... but... what kept the machine going?? the ultimate force :P if u wanna say so...

the Man...

his work...

now... time for me to go go go! too much pressure to release this blog... and i have done it... finally... no time for censor board, proof reading... editing... and shit... just pure crap...

Monday, July 30, 2007

By public demand!

Hudugeero hudugeero huchchu hidiso hudugeero!!

Contents may not be suitable for everybody. Reader discretion is advised.

Ha! Finally I got some time to write some stuff... Everyone asks me the same thing.
Hows Germany, How are the babes? So... this is dedicated to all of you in whose fortunes the Germany visit is still not happened. I wish it happens soon.

Germany is a nice place! Everything happens perfectly! Nothing surprising that the Germans are known for their precision!

My travel started off in a Lufthansa Airline Boeing 747. And my new found independence had to be used! One bad thing about the Lufthansa people are that the air hostesses are not that good. But from the place i was sitting, them hostesses, while serving food, bent over to ask the passengers what they wanted... and... I... was intimidated by their classy asses, neatly tucked in their tight trousers! That was a sight to watch! But otherwise, them hostesses need to be changed! To ass to the intoxication... I mean, to add to it, I had Rot Wein... Being a non drinker, I have no idea what it tasted like. It brought a weird twist on my face everytime I tool a sip. Thats all I know!! But that was all... Next morning, I had Orangen Saft. Big deal :P

I alighted in the Flughafen and proceeded towards the ICE station. My god! The crowd that comes for US! Jeez! Its like they are giving out free shi*! Why do so many people go to the US!? Anyway! I waited at the bahnhof for the ICE which took me to Stuttgart. And then an old Mercedes took me to my Hotel.

From now on, I'm gonna only talk about... You know what!!

The receptionist was cute! Its great that the hotel has a lot of schöne frauen who are receptionists! Not one of them is bad! Not even close to it! I hope I can take pictures with them! I will upload them pics as soon as I have enough guts to take em! :P

Also, at the breakfast room, there one hot female, who changes everyday, who serves coffee and does the chores! I have no idea from where these many hotties came into one place!!

All females in Stuttgart can be categorized into the following:

1) Oldies - They were the once upon a time babes, now they are sober and mind their own business.
2) Bad - They eat a hell lot and are obese. Gross.
3) Married - They are HOT! They may have a few kinder and are almost always accompanied by their männer.
4) Babes - They are junge, classy and posh. They are kinda hot and kinky!

One thing common to all these people(except 1) is that they all have a great dressing sense.
They are fashionable! And spend a great lot of both geld and zeit for their appearance. No wonder to be a barber, one has to undergo a 3 year course here!!

All said, I so much want to take pictures and show them to you as proof. But at the last moment, I lose courage! I don't want to get beaten by Germans! So I'm exercising some caution. The moment I'm able to capture some, I'll upload them first!

Anyway, here are some of my attempts at photography. I don't want any comments on this cause I know they suck. But this is the best you can get. So just see.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Germany Rules!

English is a language spoken by many... and the usage of words have changed such that it means different things to different people. When I say rules, you may be thinking it to be great(which it is) and so. But, think again... Check the dictionary... this is what has to say about Rules...

"a prescribed guide for conduct or action b: the laws or regulations prescribed by the founder of a religious order for observance by its members c: an accepted procedure, custom, or habit d (1): a usually written order or direction made by a court regulating court practice or the action of parties (2): a legal precept or doctrine e: a regulation or bylaw governing procedure or controlling conduct"

and... when I say germany rules, I meant the bold part!
Yes! there are so many rules! and people abide by them! very religiously!! Coming from bangalore, this sucks for me!!

Everything is planned, and has to happen in a specified way! theres no alternative!

It seems strange in the begining, but one will get used to this and probably start liking it! I hope I wont fall in that category! though you never know!

And for one instance dont ever think Germany is the all that awesome! The German trains are known to be on TIME, every time, EVERY SINGLE DAY, ALWAYS... and the day I landed, the train i was supposed to take, was late by 5 minutes! :) and you must've seen the announcements that used to come inside the ICE - inter city express. Announcements that the connecting trains would be delayed to enable passengers on this train to board it... Thats what happens when you follow too many rules! you lose flexibility! :)
However the train reached its final destination on time... to the dot. it was supposed to reach Stuttgart at 10:33, and it did! at alarming precision!!

One more really really awesome thing in Stuttgart is that all clocks in public (atleast all that I've seen till now) are analog! & the times specified for the transport system aint in multiples of 5! Amazing how people make out 12:12 and 7:22 from these analog clocks!

Even alarming is the fact that people from India, start calculating time in precise terms!

My friend, who was supposed to leave for Paris the night I arrived, happened to give me a visit and forgot his mobile in my hotel room. Back in his apartment, a couple stations away, he was all getting worried. His problem was that the bus to Paris leaves at 21:30 and that he can get ready by 20:00. But we had to get to my room and take his mobile and then he had to continue to the bus station... we left on schedule... 20:00 hours... and on the way to the nearest train station we happened to meet a few guys and had to talk and in the mean time missed the train. The next train was 15 minutes away... and ... this guy became nervous... he went, "ok... now I've missed this train, the next train will come here in 15 minutes... as in 20:19. It will take 7 minutes to your stop. From there the next train will be coming in 8 minutes interval. That means I need to get your room and get back with my mobile to the station in 7 minutes 30 seconds. which means we have to run from the station to the hotel as we cant reach in time if we walk!"
WHAT?! when did you start acting so German!!

And... heres the best... when he went to a frisuer (hair cutting) and sat for a cut, he was asked the most deadliest question... I have to put that in Italics... "How many millimeters short you want your hair to be cut to?" If i'm asked such a question, I'm a gonna freak out! how many mm? cant u freaking just gimme a short haircut?!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pirates of the Information Highway

I was wondering... who is it that gives us the countless movies, the countless mp3s, the countless videos, the countless e-books... who ever you are, may you live long and continue giving such goodies!

It's a great thing to write a good book with a great story... but its a much much greater thing to be able to get e-book on or before the day of release! This is PIRACY!! and it RULES!

All you people who think otherwise are...(after a Agent Smith style pause ;)) wrong.

Who is the cause for all this? It's the creator... not the creator of the e-book (he is GOD), but I'm
talking about the one who has created the "real" book. That biach had no business to, First. write the story, Second. Sell it at astronomical prices.
All those must be kicked! Oh. You are talking about them earning their bread by writing crappy stories? Think! See! All theses authors are multi millionaires! And they simply are living on the reputation their first book created, correction, first Good Book created! Who wants to pay 950 bucks for a 607 page book?! Thats outright cheating! More than one buck a page?!! SHIT!
Next time you get a thought about e-books being piracy, just let it pass!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

kimi for vacation

The Canadian and US grand prix ended as triumphs for Hamilton, the nigger deserved it! He is a fabulous driver! I would say he is probably better than any other driver currently there. Even Kimi Raikkonen.

I think its time for Raikkonen to go on a vacation and not return until all his money is spent there. Cause, when there is no money, he will have to work hard to earn it and will hopefully drive better. We all know 'necessity is the mother of all inventions'.

And, I know the best place for him to go on a vacation... Kerala!! God's own country!!
Another advantage of Kimi going away to Kerala is that he will
never return to F1 again, cause his money will never expire! So job well done, if we convince him to get to Kerala.

Speaking about Kerala, its one awesome place! I would run out of adjectives, but will not be able to completely describe the splendor of Kerala. It truly is "God's own country".

Who would have thought that the land of the sexy Asin and the husky Meera Jasmine would be less beautiful. And if you are asking me who Asin and Meera Jasmine are, here is a pic, you ignorant morons! How can you not know who these two lasses are! They are the most beautiful actors in South India!!

<-asin (surely a sin won't count) jamine (rhymes with asin) ->

Never-the-less, Kerala Rocks! I just visited three places in Kerala - Thekkady, Iddukki Dam, Vagaman. And I was blown away! This is just a small part of what Kerala truly offers! Theres Kovalam, Kollam, Allepy, Munnar etc., etc., etc., the list goes on! I would want to spend 15 days in Kerala just lazing around.

The best part of Kerala trips come when you do the driving yourself. The surroundings are too seductive to tire you from driving! I wanted to drive on and on and on and on... and at some places, we were driving through clouds! YES! literally!

I love the Keralan food! They use coconut oil generously in everything they cook or fry! I simply love the smell of coconut oil from my food!
Coconut oil is a fat consisting of about 90% saturated fat. The oil contains predominantly medium chain triglycerides,[1] with 86.5% saturated fatty acids, 5.8% monounsaturated fatty acids, and 1.8% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Of the saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is primarily 44.6% lauric acid, 16.8% myristic acid and 8.2% palmitic acid, although it contains seven different saturated fatty acids in total. Its only monounsaturated fatty acid is oleic acid while its only polyunsaturated fatty acid is linoleic acid.[2]" (wikipedia)

When we first landed in Kerala, we took a bus to my friend's place... that was at 430 AM... and the bus was jam packed! on the way... I was delighted to smell coconut oil... what a pleasant smell... It reminded me of the tasty food I'm gonna have the next three days... I thought the smell was from some petty shop doing some chips frying... I was wrong!
It came from the head of a semi bald oldie, who had applied coconut oil very generously over his bald head thinking it will grow back his lost hair, standing under my nose! I was flabbergasted... How could I think a chips guy would be awake at 5 in the morning frying!!

This apart, coconut oil rocks! ;) Specially the very tasty and crispy vadai that we had for breakfast at Thekkady at a restaurant. It melted from its crispy nature when put in the mouth... it felt real good when the taste of coconut oil went through my tongue nerves... :P

Rendezvous with clouds!!

We finally met the clouds! Vagaman... a place so good that you would wanna spend the rest of your life there! Here, not only people are frequent visitors, but also clouds!!

You can find clouds on the street!! STREET! it doesn't get closer than that!! Don't believe me? have a look...

Thats not mist... its not rain... its a freaking cloud! playing on the streets!! You have to be there to believe!

And on our way back, we had to drive through clouds!! jeez!! that was super awesome! and I'm out of adjectives! watch the video for yourself!

Just go to Kerala once and I bet you will start a blog yoursel!! its an awesome place!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rajani - The BOSS

All you people who think otherwise are wrong.

"naan oru dhadavai sonnal nooru dhadavai sonna maadri"

It simply is mind boggling, the kind of response this SuperStar generates!!
Forum was CLOSED till 9AM on Thursday, the day before Sivaji's release...
And the crowd went 'PVR down down' when they announced Sivaji tickets will be available only at 6PM!!

I'd only read about Rajani preferring to not act movies because of the sheer amounts of money and people involved in his releases! I couldn't actually imagine how that would be... But on 14th 06-07, I had a first hand experience!

I had never stood in a queue for 45 minutes and been denied a ticket!!

Then I went back to work... and came back at 19:45, just to see how the situation was...

In less than 2 hours (from 18:00) all tickets for Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon were booked! And only first row seats were available on Tuesday... I had to be contented with a Wednesday evening show ticket.

I wanted to see the movie in the first two days... in a local theater... that would be awesome! but no tickets no where!! I didn't know how I would wait till Wednesday!

But I did get to see it on Saturday, night at easwari theater! Courtesy Janny.D Our links 2 3 4 boy... who got me in for the 2130 show though we went there only at 2100... We sat on stools to watch the movie! This is as local as it gets!! awesome! :)

We entered the theater... amongst the cheering by the Thalaivaa fans... whistles claps etc... and when audio of balleilakka was played as a filler, the crowd was ecstatic...

In the next two minutes the seats filled and anticipation grew... and the silver screen lit up... the crowd went mad!!
The censor board certification was displayed on the screen... it read Trailer - Sultan!!
Guess what! that's next Rajani movie! only without the superstar... its an animation ;) with Rahman's score!
This is the heights! showing Rajani's next movie trailer in his current movie!! brilliant!

After that, the crowd screamed like its apocalypse when Sivaji was written on the certificate!

The screen went black and blue silver dots formed a SUPER STAR and the letters R A J A N I appeared... the crowd went berserk!

The ambiance was electric! every one whistling and shouting! I wish I'd known how to create that high pitched screeching noise... would have made the best use here!!

When the movie started, a man, face covered, is lead by the cops to jail... and in there he is locked up... and he stands with the back of his head facing us and his now comrade, from the next prison is inquiring about why he is here... and that is when Shankar decides to show Thalaivaa's face for the first time...
Do I even need to tell you how the crowd were?!!

ARRahman was as always... Mind Blowing! I can't get the proper adjectives to describe this man! He simply rules the music industry!

Shreya was nice! Worth watching! You know what I mean ;)

The dialogues were neatly made, at one point, the villain beckons Rajani to become a bus conductor!!

Vivek was at his best...

Rajani's style was impeccable! That is indeed what made him what he is now!
Shankar and AVM were generous with the settings creating some great sets.
The camera work is superb! and the CGI is ok... Don't compare it with Hollywood ones like Pirates for instance, which with loads of HQ CGI creates only a very meager response when compared to the likes of Rajani movies!

But... I'm disappointed... There is something missing in the movie... theres no speed... no adrenaline... All the extravagant resources that were present, were not used in the right way. Shankar fails to deliver what he did in Anniyan. Though this movie is set to break, or possibly has already broken, all possible records, it ain't upto mark...

I just can't imagine this doesn't compare to Padayappa and Baasha... They were epics... even Muttu was a classy movie...
I just want to get back and watch Baasha and get a taste of the real Rajani...

No matter what... Rajani rules... he is indeed THE BOSS