Monday, January 14, 2008

This world is a Matrix...

stop talking about technology...
we dont need no technology... we goddamn OWN technology!

we are in a Matrix... built to make us believe as true what really is false...we must get unplugged...
i can only offer you the truth... i can only lead you to it... believing it is up to u...

ur so called NASA, with all the hi-fi hubble space exploorer and several other similar stuff has declared pluto as a dwarf planet... and they could do it only now!! in the year 2006 AD!!
our Rishis, with no hi-fi equipment had already calculated pluto's eccentric orbit... and that it was a small object... unlike normal planets!
these technologically adcanced countries didnt even know earth was round!! Aryabhatta had proved in his time (500 AD) that earth was round... and it's already stated in the vedas which (i believe) are by far the oldest scripturs available on earth!

even in the 1400s when columbus set out to find a route to India, he was not funded as europeans thought earth was flat and columbus would fall off it trying to find a reverse route!! God!!
so much for NASA... we are ready to believe whatever they say! our Ramayana has told about rama-sethu... and we never believed it... and still many dont believe it! and when NASA released a picture of, what they have called Adam's bridge, which is nothing but the rama sethu, we are like, "oh really!! i didnt know!"
u can read this article about it, if interested...

speed of light...
people in Aristotle's (380 BC) era believed light had infinite speed!! only in 1675 AD was rough estimates made about speed of light...but... in Rigveda, already speed of light was calculated! and accurately! not mere estimates!! see this...
nimishardha is the term used! u can find another article about this in here

and you people say you are looking for technology!!
you want more?

yoga... everyone knows the goods of yoga... and i wont say anything about it! no elaborate and expensive gym equipments and u have a fit body, and a healthy mind to go along!talking about medicine, we all know charaka and sushruta... who have done proper surgeries in their times!! u can search some info about them on wikipedia!

ok... now lets talk about war technologies...
the most deadliest weapon... the nuke... haha! already has been used... no no... i'm talking about before nagasaki and is said a nuke was used during mahabharatha... the kurukshetra war... where 16 billion people
have said to have been killed in a span of 18 days!! *todays world population is around 6.5 billion*

this is the translation of the description of the episode, translated from Musala Parva of Mahabharatha...

…Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana hurled a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as ten thousand Suns
Rose in all its splendor…

…it was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The Entiure race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

…the corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
Their hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.
After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected…

…To escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams... (courtesy gurudev's blog)

still u question our oldies?! damn!

i've shown you we are better in Nuclear physics, astronomy, chemistry, Biology... lets talk geology...
i'm tired man... u people seem to be unworthy of the information you are getting! simply click here

even the ramayana... the vanaras mentioned were indeed present! search for neanderthal man and u will see... dating back ramayana, it shows it happened at a time when humans had evolved from monkey-men... and there were also the monkey-men, both co-existed... and some theories say jambhavan was a yeti... the whole world is realising the truth slowly... but we... being Indians are oblivious to these facts!!

we were always living at one level higher than the rest of the world... untill now a days!! in the recent times, when we say history, it is only about British India... and struggle for Independence! which is again a part of the non-Indian system of education!

and we go to hi-fi English medium schools!we talk english, walk english, laugh english! and most of us cant even read and write out own mother tongues!! what are we headed towards?!

go to europe... Germans speak only German... all boards, announcements are in german... same is the case with italy, France, spain, Austria... everywhere in Europe! no one really cares about English! why are we giving it so much improtance?!
i'm not against english or any other language or culture!! the point im trying to make is that we are giving English so much importance that we are neglecting our languages! how many of you non Karnataka people are in bangalore from considerable time? have you given one thought about learning Kannada? no... why? coz everything is available in english... but... for a 4 month deputation to germany, i was in a german course learning the basics of the language... so that i dont get lost one there!i mean, ok... flexibility aside, must we not learn our language with passion? it OUR LANGUAGE! its ours!! if we dont talk about it, who else will?!!

Samskritham, the mother of all languages... none of us knows anything about it! again... untill the westerners talked about it! only when Forbes magazine talked about sanskrit as a perfectly built language, extremely well suited for computer programming did we think about it...

whats with us?! why are we like this?! we nod to everything the "developed" countries say! we are something like slaves! doing what they say... everytime!! :(

it saddens me that people around me question "why must i study sanskrit?"

we learn A B C from kindergarten and even at 10th Std we are skeptical about taking up sanskrit!! its our way of life... our culture... we have to be proud about it!
over these years, we have been so accustomed to the western education that we believe our culture is inferior! we are so ignorant that we condemn it as superstition!! so much hopless our state has become that the word 'purana' has come to mean nonsense!! that so not right!

take any field, we had a role to play... all the number system... advanced mathematics... tigonometry... everything was pioneered by our ancestors in those days... and yet somehow, we dont ackowledge that!
i have heard about some schools in Russia having prayers in Sanskrit! and we, we pray in english! full "hi-fi" that we are!

Indus valley civilization was the most advanced civilization of its time! ask any archaeologist, he will tell u! we were the ones who were cultivating crops (including crop rotation)when the rest of the world were wanderers and nomads living on hunting and eating raw meat. its no wonder the europeans still dont cook their food well... and eat it witout
anything at all... just plain and raw! they are so behind us!!

see the link below for more info about the Indus Civilization...

this is our history! and you want us to FORGET IT?!!
its not some pathetic love failure in my dumb ass life that i can say "that was the past... let me forget it!"
i bet none of ur dumb asses had no goddamn clue how rich our heritage is... damn!
you people want us to catch up with "technologically developed" countries? the ones which are fighting wars for no reason... doing crap in the name of religion? u must be out of ur mind!

if you are thinking i-pods and laptops and hi-fi technology... then u are **** i'm not finding a word... one of u brilliant GRE greats can fill up this blank...

it hurts me to see young kids going around with earphones on listenin to music on their new hi-fi gadgets! they are harming their ear! soon they will be deaf!

why were our great grandfathers and their generation people able to live for 100+ years? coz they we not relying on ur so called "technology"technology is synthetic... and everything synthetic has side effects, which are BAD! even the 'english' medicine u take has side effects! i hear there is a subject for the MBBS ppl which deals with what medicines have what kinds side effects!

we have all the required technology... we only need to see it! only then will we improve... buy going behind the "technologically developed" countries, we will get no where but more inferior in our own eyes!

everything in those places are catchy... everything automated... EVERYTHING! u dont need to ask anyone for directions... u can follow the signs and get anywhere... u dont even need to ask for the location of a street... u will find it... but whats the point?! limited human interaction... our country is great... as put in the opening song in Sivaji - "pakkatu veetukkum seethi samakkira panbu inge valzhum".

and wo... we talk crap about the superstar and his anti newtonian stunts... but we watch Matrix with mouths wide open! "kya sexy scene thi yaar! kya jump maara, saala!"
we accept everything western without a question... and we raise infinite questions about our stuff!!

and i still cant understand so many NGOs teaching small children english! its not needed!! they need to learn the true Indian culture! that will give them all they need to live happily ever after! teach them hindi, kannada, tamil, sanskrit... maths... why english?!!

we dont need to teach them freedom struggle so early... thats the past which we can forget and talk about later!
not this!

give it a thought! what we are doing is crap... crap... and seriously 100% pure u know what... :(

lets change!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

goddamn serious thought

Inndiaaaaa Inndiaaaa! clap clap clap... Inndiaaaaa Inndiaaaa! clap clap clap!

**********no disclaimer**********
i want every single mofo to read this and understand what shit he/she is upto
if u cant handle this language... u will never be able to handle anything at all!
u must be happy u were not in front of me when i was typing this...
*******no disclaimer ends********

what ever you say, our country rules! there is no way that is going to change!!
after 4 months in europe, i have learnt it, the fukin hard way...
Believe me ladies and gentelmen... damen und herren... u dont know what our country is worth!

this is a warning message to all those leaving India to "pursue" "higher fukin studies" or whatever in the US or wherever the hell they are going...
just lose that thought... you are getting no where...

first... leme start with the basics...

why do we study?
to learn new things...
i'm interested in something and i wanna know more...
what else?
i like this... i like that... blah blah....
ok! time out! stop all this... and tell me where u are headed?
i wanna give the world some thing... i wanna make a goddamn difference... i dont wanna live like some normal nigger...
oh! so... u wanna be supernormal? beware... be fukin aware... u may be headed towards abnormality!!

i did a little bitta questioning about why ppl go abroad... and the reasons i got are pathetic!
if u tell me i'm goin abroad coz i wanna bone some biach n make a mark, that would be close to reality... everything else is 100% pure unadulterated bird poo...

here are some of the reasons i get! and i quote
"not enough opportunities here"
"the course i'm taking up is not available here"
"too much discrimination based on caste... and with reservation, i get nothing" - the one reason i felt sorry about
"i wanna make a difference... i will come back and do something for my country" - well u better remember the latter part... i hope the perspective of my country doesnt change!!
"prospects of a better job"
"$ dude! i can make a hell lotta money" - go for it man! u can do it!!

see what i mean!!
you are prepared to leave your country, your parents, your near and dear ones for ever!! and for such lame reasons?!!
i goddamn cant comprehend this shit!! are u drunk or something?!!

dont you think the only thing that you need to do in life, as your goddamn moral responsibility, is to keep your parents happy? so... screw thoughts of world improvement and such other "noble" endevours...
first do what u must do... you are not albi (i call einstein that, tribute to FRIENDS episode 9x20).
and the first step in keepin your parents happy is in your presence with them...

life... ur living it, not for urself... its for ur family, ur mom, ur dad, ur sis, ur bro and prolly ur unknown children and then the known ones as well... and... u dont need to make urs so glamorous... u gotta kill ur ass to make theirs glamorous... and going abroad is not the fukin way!

u wanna live happily, what better way than making the ones around u feel good about ur fukin presence?
do u know what is the most important thing u need to make that happen?? its easy... u gotta fukin be there, with them... when they need u... & making a fukin phone call from some foreign soil and saying "hi... im doing good... listen, i need to go, i got an assignment to submit in one hour" doesnt exactly qualify...

what good is it if you are 10 hours behind IST and you need two years to come back... for a short visit! coz u dont get enough holidays... and the tickets are damn expensive!
oh hero! you were on a quest for making money... what point in making it and not spending it?! damn! u people! so fukin unbelivable!

do you understand how much this decision is going to change you life?! it will never again be the same!
and for one moment, dont think its fun to live in a foreign developed country... no matter how developed the country is, you are still a foreigner there... and they know it!
do you fancy taking a shower in a 4x4 tub, with curtains drawn so that no water gets spilt on the non water proof floor?! who the makes a bathroom floor and doesnt make it water proof?! "oops! sorry, i forgot!"
a goddamn bathroom needs to be water proof! its the basic requirement!
you are not allowed a postpaid mobile connection as u dont have a SSN (social secutiry number, a number to identify ur lame ass coz numbers are easier to search than people's names) which u get only when u work. and prepaids suck as incoming calls are charged!!
plus... do u fancy working as a waiter in a restaurant? a janitor in a dorm (unless its a gals dorm, i'm not at all interested), a moote horavnu in wallmart (they dont make u horu moote... but its boxes and u operate machines)... just because they are fancy, doesnt mean u can do it! cleaning a toilet with a parke or a mop makes no goddamn diff... its the same... cleaning shit! (in the ultimate meaning of the word, tribute to beasty's 39 page essay)
to one of the guys i asked this, and he said it was a welcome break! from hectic schedule! and something new he hadn't done before!! WHAT? u think its cool to work like that? i would rather kill myself than serve food to a foreigner, who is in no way thankful for it!
i would rather be a waiter in a sea side restaurant in goa... atleast people coming there like India...
have you ever served food to your parents? cleaned your own toilets? NO... thats was not 'ur' work...
KISS MY ASS... u losers! you know what else you have never done before? and you will never be able to do ever in your life... Suck your own dicks...

and getting into a US university is a pain in the ass... and thats an understatement! the number of documents u need to produce, literally produce... "statement of purpose" as it is called! recos... if i were you, i would go there, give them the finger and come back... and would open a nair chaaya shap on hosur road...
why are you so ready to kiss ass?? that too a white american one?!

werent you the one complaining about lack of opportunities here?! you are not capable of getting a decent score good enough to get you into the course of your choice! and you were pissed with the reservations! but you are fukin ready to kiss some lilly ass giving loads of reocs, given by our people, making some cock and bull story for the "SOP" haha! i can only laff at u infedels!!

as for me... i'm content with leading a normal life... atleast i'm happy and i dont have a constant fire all over my ass... i can afford to eat Vena stores idly, drink a brahmin coffee bar by-two coffee, eat that occassional VB dosa... go for an MTR full meals, just because i can and u cant... and dont even get me started on the junk food... its divine! gobi manchurian... masala puri... paani puri... and i dont have to restrain myself from spending money... i have saved enough... its time to savour... and u guys aready there, enjoy your half cooked rasam and rice with some dipshit chips that tastes like shit... the ones yet to get elevated to that state, well think about it... its nor all that worthy u see...

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