Saturday, June 23, 2007

kimi for vacation

The Canadian and US grand prix ended as triumphs for Hamilton, the nigger deserved it! He is a fabulous driver! I would say he is probably better than any other driver currently there. Even Kimi Raikkonen.

I think its time for Raikkonen to go on a vacation and not return until all his money is spent there. Cause, when there is no money, he will have to work hard to earn it and will hopefully drive better. We all know 'necessity is the mother of all inventions'.

And, I know the best place for him to go on a vacation... Kerala!! God's own country!!
Another advantage of Kimi going away to Kerala is that he will
never return to F1 again, cause his money will never expire! So job well done, if we convince him to get to Kerala.

Speaking about Kerala, its one awesome place! I would run out of adjectives, but will not be able to completely describe the splendor of Kerala. It truly is "God's own country".

Who would have thought that the land of the sexy Asin and the husky Meera Jasmine would be less beautiful. And if you are asking me who Asin and Meera Jasmine are, here is a pic, you ignorant morons! How can you not know who these two lasses are! They are the most beautiful actors in South India!!

<-asin (surely a sin won't count) jamine (rhymes with asin) ->

Never-the-less, Kerala Rocks! I just visited three places in Kerala - Thekkady, Iddukki Dam, Vagaman. And I was blown away! This is just a small part of what Kerala truly offers! Theres Kovalam, Kollam, Allepy, Munnar etc., etc., etc., the list goes on! I would want to spend 15 days in Kerala just lazing around.

The best part of Kerala trips come when you do the driving yourself. The surroundings are too seductive to tire you from driving! I wanted to drive on and on and on and on... and at some places, we were driving through clouds! YES! literally!

I love the Keralan food! They use coconut oil generously in everything they cook or fry! I simply love the smell of coconut oil from my food!
Coconut oil is a fat consisting of about 90% saturated fat. The oil contains predominantly medium chain triglycerides,[1] with 86.5% saturated fatty acids, 5.8% monounsaturated fatty acids, and 1.8% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Of the saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is primarily 44.6% lauric acid, 16.8% myristic acid and 8.2% palmitic acid, although it contains seven different saturated fatty acids in total. Its only monounsaturated fatty acid is oleic acid while its only polyunsaturated fatty acid is linoleic acid.[2]" (wikipedia)

When we first landed in Kerala, we took a bus to my friend's place... that was at 430 AM... and the bus was jam packed! on the way... I was delighted to smell coconut oil... what a pleasant smell... It reminded me of the tasty food I'm gonna have the next three days... I thought the smell was from some petty shop doing some chips frying... I was wrong!
It came from the head of a semi bald oldie, who had applied coconut oil very generously over his bald head thinking it will grow back his lost hair, standing under my nose! I was flabbergasted... How could I think a chips guy would be awake at 5 in the morning frying!!

This apart, coconut oil rocks! ;) Specially the very tasty and crispy vadai that we had for breakfast at Thekkady at a restaurant. It melted from its crispy nature when put in the mouth... it felt real good when the taste of coconut oil went through my tongue nerves... :P

Rendezvous with clouds!!

We finally met the clouds! Vagaman... a place so good that you would wanna spend the rest of your life there! Here, not only people are frequent visitors, but also clouds!!

You can find clouds on the street!! STREET! it doesn't get closer than that!! Don't believe me? have a look...

Thats not mist... its not rain... its a freaking cloud! playing on the streets!! You have to be there to believe!

And on our way back, we had to drive through clouds!! jeez!! that was super awesome! and I'm out of adjectives! watch the video for yourself!

Just go to Kerala once and I bet you will start a blog yoursel!! its an awesome place!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rajani - The BOSS

All you people who think otherwise are wrong.

"naan oru dhadavai sonnal nooru dhadavai sonna maadri"

It simply is mind boggling, the kind of response this SuperStar generates!!
Forum was CLOSED till 9AM on Thursday, the day before Sivaji's release...
And the crowd went 'PVR down down' when they announced Sivaji tickets will be available only at 6PM!!

I'd only read about Rajani preferring to not act movies because of the sheer amounts of money and people involved in his releases! I couldn't actually imagine how that would be... But on 14th 06-07, I had a first hand experience!

I had never stood in a queue for 45 minutes and been denied a ticket!!

Then I went back to work... and came back at 19:45, just to see how the situation was...

In less than 2 hours (from 18:00) all tickets for Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon were booked! And only first row seats were available on Tuesday... I had to be contented with a Wednesday evening show ticket.

I wanted to see the movie in the first two days... in a local theater... that would be awesome! but no tickets no where!! I didn't know how I would wait till Wednesday!

But I did get to see it on Saturday, night at easwari theater! Courtesy Janny.D Our links 2 3 4 boy... who got me in for the 2130 show though we went there only at 2100... We sat on stools to watch the movie! This is as local as it gets!! awesome! :)

We entered the theater... amongst the cheering by the Thalaivaa fans... whistles claps etc... and when audio of balleilakka was played as a filler, the crowd was ecstatic...

In the next two minutes the seats filled and anticipation grew... and the silver screen lit up... the crowd went mad!!
The censor board certification was displayed on the screen... it read Trailer - Sultan!!
Guess what! that's next Rajani movie! only without the superstar... its an animation ;) with Rahman's score!
This is the heights! showing Rajani's next movie trailer in his current movie!! brilliant!

After that, the crowd screamed like its apocalypse when Sivaji was written on the certificate!

The screen went black and blue silver dots formed a SUPER STAR and the letters R A J A N I appeared... the crowd went berserk!

The ambiance was electric! every one whistling and shouting! I wish I'd known how to create that high pitched screeching noise... would have made the best use here!!

When the movie started, a man, face covered, is lead by the cops to jail... and in there he is locked up... and he stands with the back of his head facing us and his now comrade, from the next prison is inquiring about why he is here... and that is when Shankar decides to show Thalaivaa's face for the first time...
Do I even need to tell you how the crowd were?!!

ARRahman was as always... Mind Blowing! I can't get the proper adjectives to describe this man! He simply rules the music industry!

Shreya was nice! Worth watching! You know what I mean ;)

The dialogues were neatly made, at one point, the villain beckons Rajani to become a bus conductor!!

Vivek was at his best...

Rajani's style was impeccable! That is indeed what made him what he is now!
Shankar and AVM were generous with the settings creating some great sets.
The camera work is superb! and the CGI is ok... Don't compare it with Hollywood ones like Pirates for instance, which with loads of HQ CGI creates only a very meager response when compared to the likes of Rajani movies!

But... I'm disappointed... There is something missing in the movie... theres no speed... no adrenaline... All the extravagant resources that were present, were not used in the right way. Shankar fails to deliver what he did in Anniyan. Though this movie is set to break, or possibly has already broken, all possible records, it ain't upto mark...

I just can't imagine this doesn't compare to Padayappa and Baasha... They were epics... even Muttu was a classy movie...
I just want to get back and watch Baasha and get a taste of the real Rajani...

No matter what... Rajani rules... he is indeed THE BOSS

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Michael Schumacher! By Jeremy Clarkson...

I came across this article by one, Jeremy Clarkson... Bet you've heard about this fellow! He is simply too good! He is the host of one of the best Auto shows - Top Gear...

This is what he writes about Michael Schumacher in an article about Renault Clio Sport, for which Fernando Alonso campaigned. I haven't modified anything in the article, its produced 'as is', using the one tool that I know how best to use - Ctrl - C, Ctrl - V.

"Even though Fernando Alonso, the mono-browed young fish-nicker, did not acquit himself well this year(2006), endlessly complaining about how the team wasn’t treating him properly and how the stewards were fixing races in Michael Schumacher’s favour, I did feel rather sorry for him as the grand prix circus reached its ear-splitting climax in Brazil.

First of all, he was beaten in the race by Felipe Massa, who behaved as though he’d been wired up to the national grid. And because he was a Brazilian, in Brazil, the Brazilian television director decided that the fish-nicker should be largely ignored.

To make matters worse, this had been Michael Schumacher’s final race before he headed off to Switzerland with nothing but his dogs and his chin for company. And that’s all anyone was talking about. Not Fernando’s second world championship, but what life might be like in F1 without the Hun.

Boring, I reckon, though not everyone agrees.

Martin Brundle, the F1 commentator, said recently that he struggles to think of any great Schumacher overtaking moves. Really? Well what about that last race, when he went from last place to fourth? What about the way he drove so aggressively he frightened Giancarlo Fisichella not just out of his way but clean off the track?

And what about the time at Silverstone when he was stuck behind Damon Hill? For lap after lap, on the approach to one particular corner he drove on the wrong side of the track, cleaning away all the dust and the marbles, so that when he finally made his move he had all the grip in the world. (This was his level of technical brilliance!)

That was the great thing about Schumacher’s racing — he used intelligence. Ross Brawn, his technical director at Ferrari, said that even when he was on a hot lap, he could converse about clouds on the back side of the circuit and whether they might bring rain, whereas other drivers could only ever grunt.

Then you had the time when he finished second despite being stuck for half the race in fifth gear, and the Spanish Grand Prix in 1996 when, in torrential rain, he lapped almost the entire field. Sometimes he must have thought that he was the only human in a field made up entirely of incompetent playboy blind people.

Ah yes, say the detractors, but what about the times when Schumacher has been most unsportsmanlike? Stirling Moss says the German’s career will always be blighted by the way he parked his car on the circuit at this year's(2006) Monaco Grand Prix.

I’m sorry. Am I hearing this straight? Because I fail to see the difference between this and the sledging that goes on in cricket, or the punching in a rugby scrum.

The mere fact that Michael actually thought to park his car, and therefore bring out the yellow flags and thus prevent anyone from qualifying faster than him, shows yet again that he’s more intelligent than anyone else out there.

When I first met him, way back in the days when he had a mullet and he was racing for Benetton, he was a shocker. Ford, his employer at the time, had asked him to road test a

Mustang for Top Gear, so he did, coming out of the pit garage at Silverstone, getting into the car, and refusing to put a microphone on. The reason for this became clear shortly afterwards, since he also refused to speak.

But then many years later, while making a show called Speed, we contacted Schumacher to ask for written permission to show some of his so-called unsportsmanlike moves over the years, and he agreed. He had mellowed.

Sort of. Because I will never forget his final race in Brazil, and that extraordinary charge from last to fourth place. Can anyone think of any other driver out there now who would have the skill and the aggression, and the determination, to do that? I can’t.

Losing Michael from Formula One is not like losing your arm or leg. It’s like losing your torso. It’s like removing America from the world map and hoping that somehow Spain can fill the void.

It’s another reason why I feel sorry for Fernando. Not only was he largely ignored as he won his second championship, but he had to go home knowing that next year the best Formula One driver in the world will be sitting at home in Switzerland." (By Jeremy Clarkson)

Well, seems like we are not the only ones whose thoughts about Michael 'divine' Schumacher match!

Max Payne...

Max Payne... the game!!

Almost se7en years since its relase, and this game still kicks ass!! And I finished it today! Finally :)
Well you may wonder what a loser I am!! :( but... thats the fact! back in 2002 or so when I first lay my greedy hands on this thriller, it was a unbelivable!! The trailer of the game that was on a CHIP CD was mind blowing! and the game was no less!!

Its one of the games that started a revolution, the trend of classy graphics and a sexy storyline to accompany it!
The story line, often narrated with a comic strip, which is painted, is very very deep! Whats more! the characters are nicely crafted! Theres some sarcasm in the dialogues, which puts a smile across your face, though you are tensed in the virtual world! "He was talking crap, trying to buy time for his expired sand dial" "I wasn't selling any..."

You may wonder why it took me so long to finish a game that I calim to be (and is) extremely good!
Well, when I first installed the game, it took 4 hours for installation. When I used to start a game, it would take 25 minutes to load. I still remember, many times, I used to have a snack by the time the game loaded. Mine was a P3 550 Mhz turbo charged bad ass computer which would put the Perum series to shame... and the best part is... it had SIXTY FOUR Mb of memory!!

The best innovation in the game was the "bullet-time" concept, I hope you have seen Matrix.

And the funda with my comp was that I did not need to explicitly enable it! It was ALWAYS on bullet time :) and the bullet time would get even more bullety when more than one opponent appeared on the screen!! With all this I did get to the 2/3rds of the game. But then gave up :( Immature that I was back in 2nd PUC, I did not totally appreciate the story line! When I decided to play the game again, on my new 3 Gigs monster, it was sweet nostalgia! and I realised what an awesome entertainer it is!! Very cleverly crafted!
After starting this game, I found the difference between a Beretta, Shot gun, Ingram etc., before this, they were all plain guns to me! :P I also recognised the links... between Valkyr and Norse mythology! (Age of Mythology, another game thats awesome!)

This is not 'yet another dumb ass shooting game'! its MAX PAYNE!

Well, if you still haven't played this game, GO FOR IT! Its better late than never! Though you may not be a game enthusiast, the story is mindblowingly complex, yet simple! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hail Michael!

I've always wondered... In every sport, there is one person, well, at least one, who makes life miserable for others! Need examples?

Roger 'god' Federer - Tennis
Sachin '10' dukar - Cricket
Zinedine 'head butt' Zidane - Fußball
Venkat 'kabal' Subramanian - Gaming @ SIT :)

What is it that makes them tick?
I think, they are born to be just that!
They are immensely talented AND gifted!
Normally I like to call myself an atheist. So, natürlich, I don't believe in god, so who gifts them is still a mystery!

Never the less... I'm here to tell you about one such great! He is my favourite...
The one and only... Michael 'divine' Schumacher!

He has an impeccable record that you will find through any search engine! And I don't see that being reached in quite some time. He was a virtuoso! Right from his debut for the Jordan team, which coincidentally, was our very own Narain Karthikeyan's debut team as well, he made an indelible mark!

I don't think he will ever be replaced.

And the worst thing is... people still believe Kimi Raikkonen will fit in his shoes! I DON'T THINK SO!
Let me prove my point...
This 'ice man' has a bad record in the recent past, al beit the solo win in Australia... The last win he had prior to that was in 2005! Two years back!
Most often his engine would blow off or his suspension would come out in the penultimate stages of the race...
Thats not bad luck! Its the way the icy fellow drives! He has been out qualified by Massa 4 outta 5 times! And in the first corner, he loses his place to atleast one of the McLarens!
He plainly SUCKS!

A small example... Last year, in Monaco, Michael halted his car in the Rascasse... That, I say was a brilliant move! to disable the opponents :) He was anyway penalised and started from the LAST place...
This time, Kimi, halted, at the Exact same corner! I was bewildered! The icy had clipped a corner so bad that he broke the suspension! as a result, he was on 16th place...
Now... from that place, on a 1 stop strategy, he could only manage a cheap 8th!

But Michael, he ended 5th! That was an epic race! And he showed, what racing is all about!

He is technically brilliant! Remember last year's Chinese F1? My bet is, he would have nailed Alonso, or any other, if his engine hadn't given way! And he was composed! He never blamed the team! He never has. He is a true teams man! I've heard his race engineer say that Michael cheers them up from his car! Who the hell can do wise cracks from a F1 cockpit, during a race!!

You see Kimi, after every race he blames the car... Something or the other is always not right for him! and that sucks! See how the Mclarens are cruising?! All because Kimi has left them for good!

Moral of the story - Michael is god... everybody else, everything else is mortal...

For everything else, there is

Succumb to Reality