Sunday, May 20, 2007


Do you feel Spiderman is a super-hero? really??

Then you are a bigger loser than it is. Spiderman, I'll refer to Spiderman as 'it', as I dont think it is worth the dignity of even being referred to.

anyway... It is no close to being a superhero. It has no special abilities... if climbing walls and spinning webs are to be called super human abilities, its like me learning to swim and yapping about it.
Heard of Alain Robert from France? This dude can also climb buildings. And whats more? he is also called Spiderman. If I was him, I'd jump off the tallest building that I'd scale.
If it was a real superhero, then you wouldn't see others being called by the same name!! Have you ever heard of another Superman? another Wolverine? another Magneto? NO! why? because they are REAL SUPERHEROS... Offcourse you would have heard of another Hercules. Thats because he is not a superhero! Exactly! now you get the point!


Venky said...

I think u have ur definition about the superheroes goofed ..
There isnt an instsance where people say superheroes are people who cant be imitated .
If he does sth (as in the comic ) that norman guys cant he is a superhero(Like save people the way he does it )
Hero is someone who saves people and a super hero goes outta the way to save. So the emphasis is philanthropy and not inimitabilty

Venkatasubramanian said...

Come on!! Superheros are supposed to be strong and super human!!
Its never about the philia to anthropes! its about Power, ability, skill, agility, intelligence and quick wit... every other person cant be no superhero... and clearly spiderman sucks as he has a weird combination of the above...

Partha said...

Good Job!!

Venkatasubramanian said...

thanks!! :)