Friday, February 22, 2008

da fundas de life - 1NE

Eminem once sang

Lose yourself in the music
the moments u own it
u better never let it go
u only get one shot do not miss your chance blow
cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime!

and its pretty damn true!!
we dont realise how precisious and cool our lives are! and we bitch about small insignificant shit!

so I, the noble guy that I am, will give you fundas... so that you will appreciate ur life and thus other's lives too... so the whole world would become a cooler place to live in!

bring on the comments on whats bothering u... n i'll show the easy door...

to start with,

problem 1ne - traffic
well, almost all the ones living in major cities working for IT or otherwise find the city's traffic too ridiculous! u get pissed off to ride ur bike/drive ur car... coz theres just no place... and the agonizing traffic lights... damn! i need a break!

solution - u need a cell phone... and an opposite sex person to sms to...
how will this help? - well... once u start sending n receiving sms, trust me, u will forget about traffic! u will want the traffic jams to be bigger... so that you will get time to message back!
and every time ur phone vibrates in ur pocket, you would be eager to stop ur vehicle at the next signal! so the traffic signals dont bother you no more! :)

see... simple funda...


incognito said...

dont give such flawed solutions..finding a cellphone is damn easy i agree but finding a person from fairer sex who has all the time in the world 2 reply 2 all the smses i can send
is very difficult... so ur solution leads 2 another fundamental problem

Venkatasubramanian said...

nein bro... it is pretty easy actually! :) if u think one person is not able to help u, msg two or three or any number of ppl... fairer sex would be a better choice... thats all... but u can msg anyone... the more number of ppl u message, the more concentration u need... coz u dont wanna send reply(s) of one sms to another person!
just give it a try ;)

Lonewulf_alpha said...

are we to understand that there is a member of the fairer sex that you sms when you're stuck in traffic and long for her reply? [:P]

Venkatasubramanian said...

lo lonewulfu... nin yndrn... sumne blog nodu aste... jaasti artha madkobeda! :x
fokr! ;)