Sunday, July 20, 2008

Step aside! The Dark Knight is here!!

Vo mai gyaad!!

This is it! the bestest movie that has been made! the deadliest superhero movie ever made!
All those people who got their kids to show them batman would be thoroughly disappointed! The movie made us see what a superhero really is... and what a super villain can do!

Behold the Joker... the mad man who is as brilliant as batman himself!!

When you watch movies, you generally have one or two occasions where you go "madar of gawd! what the?!!" this movie was almost fully like that!!
We didn't realize there was an interval! and we looked at our watches and "dude! there is another half of the movie still left!!"

I'm gonna watch this movie again!

This movie opened at #4 on Imdb... moved to #3 on the night i'd seen it and next morning its #1!!

I simply cant imagine how there can be such a movie... abslutely mindblowing!

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incognito said...

finally a post after a loooooooooong time.. :P