Sunday, August 17, 2008

You've got mail!

Emails! they have simply changed the way we communicate! I still wonder, how the post offices are still able to live!! :)

Have you written any letter? I remember writing letters to Uncle Pai of Tinkle, long ago! But after that, it just stopped!
Until a few months back. When I sent a Post card to a friend in Denmark, when I was in Germany. I had to literally search for where a post office is, how it'd look and find out what one must ask for!

I started writing snail mails! It obviously gives a personal touch! It feels really great to receive a letter, postcard, something from a person far far away! A person you haven't met, maybe haven't talked as well!

Postcards!! Now-a-days, I have a new hobby. Exchanging postcards. Yes, it may take upto a month for a post card to go to Canada from here (its the longest, normally it takes 10-15 days), but, the personal touch goes along with it! It feels really great to reading different handwritings! Different emotions, different things!

You will feel really nice when you get a, say, two-page letter from a friend! Handwritten! I mean, to think of it, that person must actually make some time for you! Out of their busy schedule, they must sit and write a letter, put it in an envelope, paste stamps and actually post it! It shows the human-ness! An e-mail, which just goes in a jiffy cant really have this kind of a feeling!
And then the wait!! :) Heard of the song kabutar ja ja ja? :)

Everyday I wait to get back home and hope to find a letter from someone out there!

I've got mail!

You can find pics of the cards I've received till now.

Thanks a ton to everyone snail-mailing me!
And a big thank-you to the Postal Department the world over! You people are really doing a great job!

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