Monday, December 29, 2008

The kuduremukha adventure

Its complete! a trek to kuduremukha i mean... what a trek!! Some would say that it was too much to do in just one day... but what happened happened!! :)
now that i'm sitting at home with swollen ankles due to 33.3 kms of trek in 14 hours, i though i'd do something kinda constructive... so, i wrote a story based on our trek.

its my first attempt at writing something - anything that big! so, please have a look and give some . Maybe it'll inspire me to write something hi-fi... will may later become a movie and earn me millions ;) That day, i wont forget you :)

I've uploaded a pdf version on rapidshare... click on the link below to download it. its only 192kb!

Comments awaited!

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