Monday, July 30, 2007

By public demand!

Hudugeero hudugeero huchchu hidiso hudugeero!!

Contents may not be suitable for everybody. Reader discretion is advised.

Ha! Finally I got some time to write some stuff... Everyone asks me the same thing.
Hows Germany, How are the babes? So... this is dedicated to all of you in whose fortunes the Germany visit is still not happened. I wish it happens soon.

Germany is a nice place! Everything happens perfectly! Nothing surprising that the Germans are known for their precision!

My travel started off in a Lufthansa Airline Boeing 747. And my new found independence had to be used! One bad thing about the Lufthansa people are that the air hostesses are not that good. But from the place i was sitting, them hostesses, while serving food, bent over to ask the passengers what they wanted... and... I... was intimidated by their classy asses, neatly tucked in their tight trousers! That was a sight to watch! But otherwise, them hostesses need to be changed! To ass to the intoxication... I mean, to add to it, I had Rot Wein... Being a non drinker, I have no idea what it tasted like. It brought a weird twist on my face everytime I tool a sip. Thats all I know!! But that was all... Next morning, I had Orangen Saft. Big deal :P

I alighted in the Flughafen and proceeded towards the ICE station. My god! The crowd that comes for US! Jeez! Its like they are giving out free shi*! Why do so many people go to the US!? Anyway! I waited at the bahnhof for the ICE which took me to Stuttgart. And then an old Mercedes took me to my Hotel.

From now on, I'm gonna only talk about... You know what!!

The receptionist was cute! Its great that the hotel has a lot of schöne frauen who are receptionists! Not one of them is bad! Not even close to it! I hope I can take pictures with them! I will upload them pics as soon as I have enough guts to take em! :P

Also, at the breakfast room, there one hot female, who changes everyday, who serves coffee and does the chores! I have no idea from where these many hotties came into one place!!

All females in Stuttgart can be categorized into the following:

1) Oldies - They were the once upon a time babes, now they are sober and mind their own business.
2) Bad - They eat a hell lot and are obese. Gross.
3) Married - They are HOT! They may have a few kinder and are almost always accompanied by their männer.
4) Babes - They are junge, classy and posh. They are kinda hot and kinky!

One thing common to all these people(except 1) is that they all have a great dressing sense.
They are fashionable! And spend a great lot of both geld and zeit for their appearance. No wonder to be a barber, one has to undergo a 3 year course here!!

All said, I so much want to take pictures and show them to you as proof. But at the last moment, I lose courage! I don't want to get beaten by Germans! So I'm exercising some caution. The moment I'm able to capture some, I'll upload them first!

Anyway, here are some of my attempts at photography. I don't want any comments on this cause I know they suck. But this is the best you can get. So just see.


Somaiah said...

hmmm... well ...well.... well.......
arent the explantion and photos out of sync??? :)

Venkatasubramanian said...

kaige sikkidde punya nimge... :)

Vivek said...

i was expecting the diferent fotos after all the build-up i ll need extra "those kinda" fotos as punishment.....Capische?

Oth said...

Expecting many more pics :-)