Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pirates of the Information Highway

I was wondering... who is it that gives us the countless movies, the countless mp3s, the countless videos, the countless e-books... who ever you are, may you live long and continue giving such goodies!

It's a great thing to write a good book with a great story... but its a much much greater thing to be able to get e-book on or before the day of release! This is PIRACY!! and it RULES!

All you people who think otherwise are...(after a Agent Smith style pause ;)) wrong.

Who is the cause for all this? It's the creator... not the creator of the e-book (he is GOD), but I'm
talking about the one who has created the "real" book. That biach had no business to, First. write the story, Second. Sell it at astronomical prices.
All those must be kicked! Oh. You are talking about them earning their bread by writing crappy stories? Think! See! All theses authors are multi millionaires! And they simply are living on the reputation their first book created, correction, first Good Book created! Who wants to pay 950 bucks for a 607 page book?! Thats outright cheating! More than one buck a page?!! SHIT!
Next time you get a thought about e-books being piracy, just let it pass!


Lonewulf_alpha said...

Agent Smith wishes to straighten things out for a bit ;) Piracy is defined as "reproduction of copyrighted material without permission". What those idiots did with Harry Potter Book 7 was not merely piracy, it was a far cheaper act. They somehow evaded the security and got the book. They could have proceeded to printing pirated copies and release them into the market. That would have been Piracy.
But they posted the photographs of the last pages of the book, and this specific act aggravates me. Posting the book on the net before the release is magnanimous. Posting photographs of the last few pages is just cheap and mean, and that was what I... addressed, so to speak, in my blog. I was telling Check eets the other day, this is like giving a low blow to Batman when he's not looking and then taking off his mask on national television. I bet some two-bit forklift driver or security guard is behind the leak. No wonder the person is just a two-bit forklift driver or a security guard.

Vivek said...

LOL!!!! But i m on the Lyambda on this one... Why deny ourselves some entertainment at the expense of them multibillionaires being reduced to paltry billionaires!!!!

Venkatasubramanian said...

blah blah... pirates rule!