Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Die alpen... der Schweiz!

Mother of Gawd!!

zeroth... actung! this blog is not what u expect
first... Switzerland is helluva wonderful place!
second... BMW is one helluva car maker!
third... i'm tired!

This blog is being written in an incredibly small time! since i have internet only till tomorrow morning... and it is already 21:00 hrs!
I have just come back from a mindblowin trip to the Swiss! Just means just! i just arrived, few minutes ago... driving about 1300 kms in 4 days time... :)

so... lets get started!

day one...
the man... the machine... the autobahn... to swiss... wooo hooo!
day two...
snow for the first time!! freaking wasser everywhere, not a drop to drink... but loads to feel cold!
day three...
fighting for world domination...(read peace)
day four...
modeling on the alps...

i was apperhensive about the car that we had planned to take... it was a BMW compact class car... which simply means its the cheapest car we could get then... but son of a gun the BMW 1 series 1.2 liter mofo was one deadly piece of machinery!! i can actually write a blog about only that mofo! but... no time for that!

time to hit the road! direct to schaffhausen... this navig system was one sexy thing... it showed a 3D map with an arrow (our car) and the whole map rotating around as we turn... like in a computer game! awesome navig system it truely was... as it knew each gully in swiss!!

the autobahn!! damn! how the hell did the germans come up with that system of complex yet amazing set of roads!! only these SOBs can do such shit!
this time it wasnt new to me! i knew the wearabouts... i simply cant explain the thing... not now... i'm friggin tired... but... one thing for sure... u have to experience the autobahn to believe it! no where in the world will u have such an experience... not even in the autobahns that extend outta germany to swiss and france and neighbouring countries... the German autobahn is a thing to rekon with... when u enter it, u have a sense of freedom... and... and... u just feel free to accelerate... to speed up... to just go go go! its just too good! i have driven in the swiss and the french counterparts... but nothing is even close to the german autobahn! its the german precision!! :)

we entered the swiss territory... and the autobahn ended soon enough... and gave way to normal roads... it was another schwarzwald! but just that the places we went were kinda high altitude and we had to climb up and down the alps... the drive was splendid... and since now i knew where i could go faster and where i had to slow, i just hit the limits! its always awesome to rip through tight turns! it gives the churning effect in your stomach! :)
and when u click pics, it comes like this! :) as though one is driving with nitro in Most Wanted! ;)

it was in swiss that i saw a real river! Rhine... was ferocious! normally the rhine that i saw in germany-france border was very silent!

Swiss! the place! the magic! its a place one MUST visit in winter! when there is snow! its classy even otherwise ;) but... winter brings in snow... and most of us would've never seen snow! its damn sexy to walk on snow...
especially on jungfraujoch... the highest peak in europe... (mere 4k odd meters above sea level :P )
its still now winter there... but there was snow! for the first time in my life i'd walked on snow!
just water... frozen! no mud, rock whatever... just snow and ice and that all! miles and miles! every step u take makes a crackling noise... of ice breaking under ur weight! its like walking inside a freezer! ice everywhere! the temperature when we went wasnt as cold as in a freezer though! :P
it was 1 or 2 degrees... but a sexy experience!

oh! i also went to the UNO in geneva! :) promoting world peace ;) went into the room which we have seen a million times on TV... have a pic also... look :)

this trip was when i broke my record of fastest drive! i reached 220kmph!! yes!! infact, 180s and 190s and 200s were very very common during this trip! and the BMW felt sooooo soooo goood! i mean... its not everyday that a guy like me rides at that speeds! so i will keep talking about it... for the rest of my life! :) and i betcha ass u will too!

i'll quickly put some pics here n there... just chk eetz... i will try my best to upload some pics on picassa as well... just use my old link and search for more public albums that i've added... i dont have internet... and cant send links... havea-funa...
oh... i have a special message for ye all... i dont care what it means in other languages... but... guess its pretty plain... if u dont understand what i'm talking bout, i have encircled it...

oh! i also bought a swiss watch for myself :) not a rado or rolex or tissot or swatch... its swiss military! what a lame name for a watch! but... its made in swiss and looks cool :)

stop gaping at me... i know i know... remember, it was approx 0 degrees...
the watch i'm talkin bout... i'm wearin...

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