Thursday, December 20, 2007


my first concert :)
yes! the scorpions in bangalore, 16th december 2007!!

I knew Scorpions from the first time they came to bangalore... during 2000-2001... and that time i had not started listening to English music!! :) yes! all my English music gyan and following just started around that time!!

I had not listened to any of their songs!! and then, one day on Radio City (the old one, which rocked) Suresh Venkat played hurricane 2000... and gawd! was i spellbound!! the orchestra ruled!! never had i heard that high speed violins (untill i heard salaam bombay by Rahman) what a song Hurricane is!! u must listen to believe it!!
from that day on... i am listening to Scorpions... Hurricane, Lady Star light, Moment of Glory... and then my friend opened my ears to Holiday and Wind of Change! please please listen to these few songs at least ( though u r not a rock fan)! its worth ur time!!

and then... on that day, there i was... with Vijay Narendra of Blendzzz fame!
i was astonished when he told me that the Scorpions released their first album in 1972...
and that after that, every 2-3 years they have continuously released newer albums!!

It takes a lot to have a band, performing concerts, releasing newer albums, unlike many others who release a best of 80s album thingys!!

and i was immediately calculating... assuming the singer was 20 when he released his first album... its been 30 odd years now... and that means he must be 50 odd now!! Holy Jesus!!
The Scorpions are Veterans at the art of crowd entertainment! they know what the audience want! they know how to deliver too!!

the very thought that we were not even born, not until 10 years after the release of their first album, gave me chills!!

the wait was pretty agonizing! especially since we were inside the enclosure 2 hours before the start... and we had to simply wait!! with the HH Hunk's waste add coming over and over again...

but then... the opening act by Nervewreck was ok ok... they need to learn a lot more! waste bodys dont know that the crowd dont recognise them and that they must play a popular song, from a more famous band, at least for the opening act! but no... they played some song, which wasnt bad... but still... was pretty unheard and also lasted just too long... but then, they did try to clean up the spillt milk by starting off Metallica's Where ever I may Roam... but then, they added a little bitta the nervewrek shit and it was history...
they are a talented band no doubt... but they need to learn to woo the crowd!!

anyway! the wait was over! and there stood in front of me, Scorpions! not on a video, but fukin real ones!! i was waiting for that very moment!!
and when i heard the guitar... OMG! i cant even put those moments in words!!

Every song they played... so much energy!! its hard to imagine the amount of energy they had!
they jumped, kept runnin all around the stage... kicking air... dancing, offcourse doing their trade mark steps and offcourse singing! Klaus Meine, the lead singer, is simply mind blowing!!
the pitch he can reach will make most other singers shy! i'm sure Nervewrek had a real nervewrek watching the Scorpions perform! these buggers were almost standstill!! the only visible movement was the leadsinger/guitatrist moving his over grown hair outta his fukin face!!

Here I am... the song of all times!! Klaus sang Here I am... and all of us, from the crowd yelled Send me an Angel... the atmosphere is un-describable...

some of the super hi-fi songs that the scorpions put up included Zoo, Send me an Angel, 321, big city nights, humanity, tease me please me and so on!

and when they brought in the aucostic guitar... tears almost ran down my cheks!
"Here i ammm.... Send me an angel"!! that was just the start!!
"let me take u far away... you'd like a holiday!" Scorpio fellas, you are the best!!
I couldnt resist... so i called up my friend, panta, and made him listen... useless fellow! u missed the show ma!! i hope they come back again!! and soon!! so that we can go!! :)
and when the whistle started... i was mesmerized!! i couldnt help but yell "Taaaake me... to the maggeeek of the moment... on a glooory night.. Where the children of tomorrow... dream awaaay... in the wind of change..." oh my sweet lord!!

i also cant forget Big City Nights... Big City... Big city nights! Bangaloreee... Big city... big city nights... i still have that visual stored in my head!!

off course Humanity!! what an album that is!! at such age! after so many years of rock! they still have the same charm! the same touch! what i describe as awe-fukin-some!!

and then... they sang one more master piece from their new album... the song, i later got to know, is called 321... wow!! what a song!!

saaaaaave me...
coz the worlds gonna stop...
baby 3 2 1
are u ready to rock...

are u ready to rock, are you ready to rock, are you ready to rock,


simply superb!!

and then... they played Hurricane!! i almost broke down!!
me and vijay were looking at each other's awestruck faces for every song they played... with a wide smile... so much anxiety... we were 10 times more than ecstatic!! and then, boy tells "we're not gonna leave you... untill we rock you like a?"
oh brother! that time i knew... the time had come!! my heart skipped a beat...
then the guitars started... oh bajezus... and klaus... tran tran... Its early morning... the sun comes out... last night was shaking... and pretty loud... my cat is purring... and scratches my skin... so what is wrong with anaaaother sin? The bitch is hungry, she needs to tell... so give her inches and feed her well... more days to come new... places to go... Ive got to leave its... time for a shoooooww...

Here I am, rocked you like a hurricane
Here I am, rocked you like a hurricane

Oh my god!! i simply cant forget that night!! and that is when i decided, i'm going to every live concert that i have access to!!

Scorpions! My god!! i bow... no prostrate to them!!

and to know more, Klaus is a '48 born!! which means... he is... freakin almost 60 years old! and the energy he has! you HAVE to see the Scorpions live! atleast once in your freakin short ass life!!

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Vj said...

HELL YES!!!!! These guys ruuullleeeeeee.. Klaus Meine!!!!!! A never forgettable experience..