Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rajani - The BOSS

All you people who think otherwise are wrong.

"naan oru dhadavai sonnal nooru dhadavai sonna maadri"

It simply is mind boggling, the kind of response this SuperStar generates!!
Forum was CLOSED till 9AM on Thursday, the day before Sivaji's release...
And the crowd went 'PVR down down' when they announced Sivaji tickets will be available only at 6PM!!

I'd only read about Rajani preferring to not act movies because of the sheer amounts of money and people involved in his releases! I couldn't actually imagine how that would be... But on 14th 06-07, I had a first hand experience!

I had never stood in a queue for 45 minutes and been denied a ticket!!

Then I went back to work... and came back at 19:45, just to see how the situation was...

In less than 2 hours (from 18:00) all tickets for Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon were booked! And only first row seats were available on Tuesday... I had to be contented with a Wednesday evening show ticket.

I wanted to see the movie in the first two days... in a local theater... that would be awesome! but no tickets no where!! I didn't know how I would wait till Wednesday!

But I did get to see it on Saturday, night at easwari theater! Courtesy Janny.D Our links 2 3 4 boy... who got me in for the 2130 show though we went there only at 2100... We sat on stools to watch the movie! This is as local as it gets!! awesome! :)

We entered the theater... amongst the cheering by the Thalaivaa fans... whistles claps etc... and when audio of balleilakka was played as a filler, the crowd was ecstatic...

In the next two minutes the seats filled and anticipation grew... and the silver screen lit up... the crowd went mad!!
The censor board certification was displayed on the screen... it read Trailer - Sultan!!
Guess what! that's next Rajani movie! only without the superstar... its an animation ;) with Rahman's score!
This is the heights! showing Rajani's next movie trailer in his current movie!! brilliant!

After that, the crowd screamed like its apocalypse when Sivaji was written on the certificate!

The screen went black and blue silver dots formed a SUPER STAR and the letters R A J A N I appeared... the crowd went berserk!

The ambiance was electric! every one whistling and shouting! I wish I'd known how to create that high pitched screeching noise... would have made the best use here!!

When the movie started, a man, face covered, is lead by the cops to jail... and in there he is locked up... and he stands with the back of his head facing us and his now comrade, from the next prison is inquiring about why he is here... and that is when Shankar decides to show Thalaivaa's face for the first time...
Do I even need to tell you how the crowd were?!!

ARRahman was as always... Mind Blowing! I can't get the proper adjectives to describe this man! He simply rules the music industry!

Shreya was nice! Worth watching! You know what I mean ;)

The dialogues were neatly made, at one point, the villain beckons Rajani to become a bus conductor!!

Vivek was at his best...

Rajani's style was impeccable! That is indeed what made him what he is now!
Shankar and AVM were generous with the settings creating some great sets.
The camera work is superb! and the CGI is ok... Don't compare it with Hollywood ones like Pirates for instance, which with loads of HQ CGI creates only a very meager response when compared to the likes of Rajani movies!

But... I'm disappointed... There is something missing in the movie... theres no speed... no adrenaline... All the extravagant resources that were present, were not used in the right way. Shankar fails to deliver what he did in Anniyan. Though this movie is set to break, or possibly has already broken, all possible records, it ain't upto mark...

I just can't imagine this doesn't compare to Padayappa and Baasha... They were epics... even Muttu was a classy movie...
I just want to get back and watch Baasha and get a taste of the real Rajani...

No matter what... Rajani rules... he is indeed THE BOSS


Prashanth said...

He is indeed the boss....I was one of the lucky ones who could watch the show 1st day 1st Show in Melbourne!
As clearly expressed by Venkat,
Whenever you watch Rajani's movie its always a thrilling experience and u can feel the energy levels increasing all the time when you see talaivar on the matter where you are watching the movie...gandhi class, second class, balcony or even the private box!

The message is conveyed in a simple way, but when you look back and see what the current situation in India when in comes to black money, hawala and the economic theory Rich Get Richer and Poor get Poorer...the reason for this is everybody who is involved in this linked and have created a MOU. Pay money and get ur job done!

I have personally experienced and still experiencing when it comes to getting a property/land sanctioned.

All said and done....Rajani hasn't disappointed in any way....the way he has acted at this age and looks much healthier in this movie....

Long Live the King!!!!

chetan said...