Sunday, June 3, 2007

Max Payne...

Max Payne... the game!!

Almost se7en years since its relase, and this game still kicks ass!! And I finished it today! Finally :)
Well you may wonder what a loser I am!! :( but... thats the fact! back in 2002 or so when I first lay my greedy hands on this thriller, it was a unbelivable!! The trailer of the game that was on a CHIP CD was mind blowing! and the game was no less!!

Its one of the games that started a revolution, the trend of classy graphics and a sexy storyline to accompany it!
The story line, often narrated with a comic strip, which is painted, is very very deep! Whats more! the characters are nicely crafted! Theres some sarcasm in the dialogues, which puts a smile across your face, though you are tensed in the virtual world! "He was talking crap, trying to buy time for his expired sand dial" "I wasn't selling any..."

You may wonder why it took me so long to finish a game that I calim to be (and is) extremely good!
Well, when I first installed the game, it took 4 hours for installation. When I used to start a game, it would take 25 minutes to load. I still remember, many times, I used to have a snack by the time the game loaded. Mine was a P3 550 Mhz turbo charged bad ass computer which would put the Perum series to shame... and the best part is... it had SIXTY FOUR Mb of memory!!

The best innovation in the game was the "bullet-time" concept, I hope you have seen Matrix.

And the funda with my comp was that I did not need to explicitly enable it! It was ALWAYS on bullet time :) and the bullet time would get even more bullety when more than one opponent appeared on the screen!! With all this I did get to the 2/3rds of the game. But then gave up :( Immature that I was back in 2nd PUC, I did not totally appreciate the story line! When I decided to play the game again, on my new 3 Gigs monster, it was sweet nostalgia! and I realised what an awesome entertainer it is!! Very cleverly crafted!
After starting this game, I found the difference between a Beretta, Shot gun, Ingram etc., before this, they were all plain guns to me! :P I also recognised the links... between Valkyr and Norse mythology! (Age of Mythology, another game thats awesome!)

This is not 'yet another dumb ass shooting game'! its MAX PAYNE!

Well, if you still haven't played this game, GO FOR IT! Its better late than never! Though you may not be a game enthusiast, the story is mindblowingly complex, yet simple! :)


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