Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hail Michael!

I've always wondered... In every sport, there is one person, well, at least one, who makes life miserable for others! Need examples?

Roger 'god' Federer - Tennis
Sachin '10' dukar - Cricket
Zinedine 'head butt' Zidane - Fußball
Venkat 'kabal' Subramanian - Gaming @ SIT :)

What is it that makes them tick?
I think, they are born to be just that!
They are immensely talented AND gifted!
Normally I like to call myself an atheist. So, natürlich, I don't believe in god, so who gifts them is still a mystery!

Never the less... I'm here to tell you about one such great! He is my favourite...
The one and only... Michael 'divine' Schumacher!

He has an impeccable record that you will find through any search engine! And I don't see that being reached in quite some time. He was a virtuoso! Right from his debut for the Jordan team, which coincidentally, was our very own Narain Karthikeyan's debut team as well, he made an indelible mark!

I don't think he will ever be replaced.

And the worst thing is... people still believe Kimi Raikkonen will fit in his shoes! I DON'T THINK SO!
Let me prove my point...
This 'ice man' has a bad record in the recent past, al beit the solo win in Australia... The last win he had prior to that was in 2005! Two years back!
Most often his engine would blow off or his suspension would come out in the penultimate stages of the race...
Thats not bad luck! Its the way the icy fellow drives! He has been out qualified by Massa 4 outta 5 times! And in the first corner, he loses his place to atleast one of the McLarens!
He plainly SUCKS!

A small example... Last year, in Monaco, Michael halted his car in the Rascasse... That, I say was a brilliant move! to disable the opponents :) He was anyway penalised and started from the LAST place...
This time, Kimi, halted, at the Exact same corner! I was bewildered! The icy had clipped a corner so bad that he broke the suspension! as a result, he was on 16th place...
Now... from that place, on a 1 stop strategy, he could only manage a cheap 8th!

But Michael, he ended 5th! That was an epic race! And he showed, what racing is all about!

He is technically brilliant! Remember last year's Chinese F1? My bet is, he would have nailed Alonso, or any other, if his engine hadn't given way! And he was composed! He never blamed the team! He never has. He is a true teams man! I've heard his race engineer say that Michael cheers them up from his car! Who the hell can do wise cracks from a F1 cockpit, during a race!!

You see Kimi, after every race he blames the car... Something or the other is always not right for him! and that sucks! See how the Mclarens are cruising?! All because Kimi has left them for good!

Moral of the story - Michael is god... everybody else, everything else is mortal...

For everything else, there is

Succumb to Reality

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